A Review of One of the Best Forex Trading Signals Providers

Becoming a member of a Forex trading signal service provider can be a valuable tool, especially for a beginner in the currency trading market. But before you make that decision, it is important for you to search for the best provider of this service. Integrity, professionalism, transparency, reputation and proven track record should be the important criteria in your selection process.

There are many Forex trading signal providers out there. Some are reliable and others are not. Some unscrupulous service providers engage in misleading information and performance record. The service can be obtained from Forex brokers for free or for a reasonable subscription fee, one time or on a monthly basis. The price varies depending on the benefits and services provided.

Forex signal providers with high review ratings are FX Day Trader, Turning Signals, FX Solutions, Huskins, IFXPro, FXDM, Forex Ring Leader, 4X Formula, 4X Lounge, Rise Forex, Forex Watchers, Premium Forex Signals, Virite FX, TOP Forex Signals, Pip Boxer, Forex Pro Indicator, Forex System, True FX Signals, FX Trade Freedom and Zonod Forex Signals.

In this article, lets us just focus on the profile and features of one of them, 34 pips.com. This company claims to have an average of 1000 pips on every single month of trading operation since 2009. Their Forex trading signals are easy to follow and you get them only twice a day every 12 hours. Their users are already more than 3,000 traders. The signals they provide can reach similar outcome with that of their live accounts. They are easy to follow which attracts many investors and traders. To help you get started, you can register for free to their Forex signal. You will get daily updates and an automated tradecopier EA available.

Some members’ reviews come from Roberto of Milano, Italy who says, “Thanks to the 35 pip team – your signals are great and honest. I love them and use the Forex signal together with my trading strategies.” Another member, Borris from Moscow has this to say, “Great Forex signals and great service. Thanks to Pet Chan and his team for everything.” Andrej from Poland comments, “35 pip is providing a service that is honest. I had one question and the support was answering fast. Thumbs up for this great Forex signal service.” Here is another positive review from another user, Andy Rosko from Renton, WA, USA. He says, “I wanted to write and tell you how much I appreciate your signal service. You are men of integrity and very professional. I was skeptical at first but have grown to trust and admire your word and work. Great SMS and email alerts system. Thank you very much.”

There are many more positive reviews and testimonials from the 35pip.com subscribers. What is fascinating about their alerts system is its simplicity, practicality and winnability. It is a 100% mechanical system featuring an effective management of profits and losses feature and you can try it out under a 30 days money back guarantee offer.

Their Forex signals are the result of many sophisticated and cutting edge tools using technical indicators, support and resistance study, Bollinger bands, market volatility, trend setting and momentum. As a trader, you can bank on its performance record. Rely on accurate entry and exit points, over 1600 pips per month with only 1 unfortunate drawdown since 2003 and no automation. It is purely a mechanical stuff. Signals are sent by SMS and email for free. They claim to be the only signal provider using real time indicators. This group started in March, 2003 in the Forex market and made good money. After a few months, they put up the web site with some professional traders with a combined 25 years of experience in the business. They now have around 3,000 members around the world and still counting.

Based on their credentials, proven track performance and growth, it appears that what they are offering is perceived by many to be among the best in providing Forex trading signals in the world. It is up to you to take this calculated risk and try it out. With the right mindset, you may have stumbled into a group who is enthusiastic and sincere in helping you make real profits in the currency trading business!

Renko Charts – Which Forex Indicators Work Best With Renko Charts?

A frequently asked question regarding Renko Charting is “do I need any additional indicators, and if so, which ones work best with Renko Charts?” The purpose of this article is to identify and examine those indicators which best complement the Renko Charts.

Renko charts are strictly price based charts, which means price must move a certain number of pips (which you determine for yourself when you load the indicator) before a new candle (bullish or bearish) will open up. Since current price action is the best indicator of future price movement, you could simply trade with nothing on your charts except Renko Candles (Boxes) and you could trade profitably in the long run.

For instance, I have conducted my own study stretching back over the last 4 years of charts for the EUR/USD, and I made a startling discovery. I found that if you set your Renko Chart Box Size to 10 (meaning each Candle/Box is 10 pips in length) you have approximately a 78% chance that price will move an additional 10 pips in the direction of the previous candle.

Rounding up, this means that when you see a 10 pip bullish candle close, there is about a 4-1 chance price will move up an additional 10 pips and close as another bullish candle.

Breaking it down into pips/profits, this means if all you ever do is open a trade in the same direction as the previous candle closed (and assuming your entry price the same as the Bid price) 4 times out of 5 you are going to see 10 pips profit. The 5th time you are going to see a drawdown of 20 pips, as price must move down the entire length of the previous candle PLUS an additional 10 pips for a new bearish candle to close.

But four times you win 10 pips (40 pips total) and one time you lose 20 pips (20 pips total) means 40 – 20 = +20 pips profit for every 5 trades you take.

And all this without a single MACD, RSI or Moving Average on your screen.

However, this form of “trading naked” is more than some traders can bear, and if for no other reason than to have a security blanket on their charts, they will add an indicator or two.

Over the years I have found a few indicators that seem to work well at helping Renko Chart traders find entries. The Heiken Ashii indicator (with an Input setting of 1,5,2,1) tends to forecast the start of some decent trends when using 10 pip candles/boxes. The Slope Direction Line (Input settings of 34,2,0) also does a very good job of highlighting the start of a new trend of 10 pip candles/boxes.

Recently my group tested out a new indicator called the BBand (with settings at 12,1 for the first two Inputs) and used with 5 pip candles/boxes. This indicator worked well not only with spotting good entries, but also tended to accurately gauge the end of some of the longer price runs, so that when the BBand changed directions, it was time to exit the trade and look to enter in the opposite direction.

While we are on a summer break through the end of August, we are still testing a new combination of indicators along with a 3 pip box setting that is showing great promise. More testing is needed, but early results have created a lot of excitement with my team. We’ll be releasing all the details once we are sure that this new method holds up over time (and varying trading conditions).

So to sum up, you don’t really need any indicators to trade the Renko Charts profitably, but there is a few that work well with this charting system, and my group and I can recommend them without hesitation.

The Pros and Cons of Using Technical and Fundamental Analysis in Forex

There are basically 2 primary methods that Forex traders use to analyze the market. They are technical and fundamental analysis. Pure technical analysts will say that it is impossible to trade on the news, because the market moves so fast and whatever news out there the charts will tell you too. On the other hand, fundamentalists will say that only the news moves the market. Technical indicators are always the followers. So which methods should we use? To find out, let’s look at the pros and cons of both of these methods.

Technical Analysis

Technical analysis involves tracking past currency price movements and use indicators to help identify in which direction the current price may be heading. This analysis can be performed manually or automatically. Under the automated system traders use software (expert advisor) or robot to help them find trades and identify entry and exit points. Technical traders believe that all of the required information needed to place a trade is contained in the charts.

Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental analysis focuses on key underlying economic, financial and political factors to determine the price direction of a currency. Fundamental traders believed that currencies movements, whether it becomes stronger or weaker, are related to the strength of the economy, financial and political situations. Hence, fundamental reports and news are important to them. News and reports such as interest rates, employment, trade balance and GDP are of great important. Others information such as retail sales, durable goods, home sales and ISM will also impact the price movement.

Technical Analysis


-It helps provide specific entry and exit point for traders during trading.

-Charting can provide everyone an easy way of identifying trends immediately. This is possible because the same data is also being watched by millions of traders, as a result if a large number of Forex traders do the same, this will potentially create a self-fulfilling prophecy of reinforcing the trends further.

-It focuses on charts and indicators. It is without doubt the easiest and most precise method used by many traders so far.

-Charts and tools can also sometime help point out when a trend is about to start or end. Hence help traders to plan their profits and stop losses more accurately.


-If many traders place their stops around the same areas, this could prompt a reverse in price movement as it can potentially allows bigger players in the market to intentionally trigger these stops.

-The tools used are basically lagging indicators. It can be dangerous to rely totally on the assumption that the current price and trend will predict future prices. They often do, but not necessarily.

-Relying completely on charts mean that you may not pick up other signals that may potentially change the trend.

Fundamental Analysis


-Fundamental analysis increases our knowledge and understanding of the global market. Hence help us to get a clearer picture of the general health of the world economy.

-We can use fundamental analysis to explain some of the unexpected movement of the prices. Hence know what move the prices higher or lower.

-Major news release can sometime ignite large price movement when there is a big difference between expectations and actual results. If you can predict and capture this price movement, it can be very profitable.

-Fundament analysis is better used for forecasting longer term exchange rate movement.


-There is so much information that one can easily be confused.

-It is very difficult to use all this information to pin point a specific entry or exit point to trade.

-Sometime short term news release may provide a false signal and mislead trader into opening a trade. This signal often develops a knee-jerk reaction in the market.

-Sometimes the information or news released may already have been priced into the market. Hence, the information has no significant impact to the price movement.

-It requires a person with at least some basic knowledge of economic background.

-News releases can sometime produce dramatic and fast price movement for a currency pair in both up and down directions as the Forex market try to digests the news. Inexperience traders may find themselves caught in a string of losses.


In my opinion, there is no ideal or best method of analyzing the Forex that will guarantee you a 100% results all the time. Technical analysis and charting will assist short-term traders to make their decisions, whereas long-term traders will need to keep themselves abreast of the latest economic news and data pertaining to the country currencies they are trading in. Note that these analysis methods are just tools. If used correctly, it can generally help you to trade more effectively. This is why most Forex traders tend to use both analysis approaches to make trading decision.

RSI Reversal Signals, the "Little Known" Key to Successful Forex Trading

Have you ever wondered what makes a Forex trading signal a success? Obviously if it makes pips, there is very little if no drawdown, it happens often and you can count on it to be successful much more than it fails. Wouldn’t that be the definition of a successful Forex signal?

I would like to give you some information that took me nearly three years to find and I stumbled on it while reading a book by Constance Brown a well known trading author. In her book she mentioned that she knew Andrew Cardwell THE expert on RSI, the Relative Strength Index. She said he could discuss the nuances of RSI for hours. This was enough to get me interested.

Now almost 3 years later I have discovered mounds of information on RSI that is not available in any books I know of, or is nowhere on the Internet other than in my eBook, my website and the articles that I have written for EzineArticles. Here is a little of what I know.

Reversals are little known

Reversals are trading signals discovered by Cardwell as a student of Welles Wilder the man that created the RSI. Welles Wilder moved on to other things but Cardwell stuck with RSI and in doing so discovered reversals.

Reversals are not divergences

Many people associate trading RSI with divergences. But Divergences are signals on RSI that indicate a trend is slowing and will retrace. Reversals are momentum signals that do something much more productive.

Reversals mean trend continuation

Reversals are trading signals on RSI that mean price is ready to rejoin the previous trend. Trading with the trend is a much more powerful way to trade simply because momentum in trading is strongest with the trend than against it. Reversals tell the trader when momentum is changing in the direction of the trend and they can be found on any currency pair and any time frame.

Reversals read momentum

RSI trading is about trading with momentum. There are 4 RSI Trading Signals all which reveal information about momentum in the market. If no momentum exists than regardless of the signal there is no trade.

The RSI reversal is one of the best kept secrets in trading. Traders who learn how to locate these reversals or use The RSI Paint Indicator which automatically locates these signals will benefit with trades that are highly profitable because they are momentum trades with the trend.

A Forex System That Actually Works – The Forex VIP Program

95% of forex traders lose their money. Blah Blah blah. I’m sure you’ve heard that one before. There are many, many systems available online today. A few work, most don’t. From my experience & research, the Forex VIP Program is the best value and the real deal for teaching you to trade in the forex market. It does this with flexibility to time while being affordable and easy to learn. You get mentoring that help you get significant results.

This system is pretty flexible as far as time is concerned. It is made to trade in one of two sessions: midnight to noon and noon to midnight. Also the midterm system gives you more freedom as you don’t have to stay in front of the monitor 4-5 hours a day. This combination allows anyone to benefit, once it is mastered, regardless on the time schedule.

Many systems charge you well over $1000. This system and mentoring for 3 months is just $197. I think thats pretty reasonable to obtain knowledge that will help you make a whole hell of a lot more. Over 3 months that you would be using a demo account to train, thats only like $2 a day. I spend more than that a day in snacks.

This system is pretty easy to learn. Now you need to have some technical analysis knowledge to understand. It takes about a week of studying before you get a grasp of it. Also, you become part of a special yahoo group in which you get even more information. You can review past questions that students before you had and benefit from the answers.

One of the most beneficial aspects of the system is the mentoring. Whenever you have a question about the system or the trading period, you can email and ask trader Jon Levine. Jon developed the system and trades it daily. He shows you through pics that capture the charts along with notes on how it should have been traded. He normally responds within 24 hours.

The results of this system can be great. Slow and surely is the way. Your goal is to make 20 pips a day or 100 pips a week. If you can accomplish this, after about 8 months you will be making around $10,000 a week. Pretty sweet, huh? Now netting 20 pips day is not easy, however with practice you can realistically get there.

But let’s see what other Forex VIP Program members have to say, according to a forex review site:

“…at the moment, I am averaging around 40-50 pips a day on a demo account. Now I don’t want you to think thats how much a person can except to gain a day from the system. This is exceptional result. And it takes a deeper understanding of Jon course to achieve this result. but it show you the potential that Jon course has. on a good day I could take in a hundred pips “- H.R, Brunei

“Jon’s training requires some study, the material he provides is really professional and quiet easy to understand. Daily availability for any kind of questions is another great plus for Jon. His system is really getting to the point without any diversion. As a matter of fact, just studying the training material has shed a lot of light into my trading mistakes. To my opinion, this course is MORE than worth the money, and I just can recommend it.”- Guenter Becking, Germany

“This course is unlike anything else that most traders have taken before. It is taught by a trader that trades what he teaches. Jon has trading system that is best day trading system that is publicly available. Consistency is what every trader strives for. Jon’s systems are the most consistently systems that I have ever seen. One can easily and consistently take 20 to 50 pips out of the market on a daily basis. Jon teaches a system with a set of rules. In his daily e-mails he stresses following the rules of the system until these rules become second nature. The setup that the system is basis upon occurs several times per session, and with the money management system that teaches, you manage the trade while keeping your losses small. I would highly recommend Jon’s mentoring program. He will answer any of your questions. Just imagine, you can ask a pro trader any question about haw he trades! That alone is worth the cost of the course. “- D.Melton, USA

There you have it. The Forex VIP Program is an excellent choice for novice, immediate, and expert traders. I encourage you to give this program a try in order to really succeed in the forex market. I am personally using it on a demo account and can see some real potential in building an income stream from this system and my learning.

Renko Charts – Which Box Size Is Best for Trading Forex?

The most frequently asked question I field about Renko Charts is: what box size should I use? In this article I’ll explain why the only honest answer I can give is “it depends.”

But first, just to ensure this article will make sense, let me briefly explain how Renko charts work. Renko charts use a “flexible” candle or box size, which you determine when you load the indicator onto your charts.

As price moves up your designated number of pips, a new blue (bullish) candle will form. However, if a new candle opens (let’s say the Box size is 10 pips) and then price falls 20 pips, a new red (bearish) candle will close. This is because price must move 10 pips either above the last close or below the last opening in order for a new box to appear and close on your charts.

This is what makes Renko charting so attractive to so many traders…the lack of wicks and the lack of numerous candles that fail to go anywhere but which cause your various indicators to give off a mixed variety of Buy and Sell signals, none of which have any validity.

Understanding how Renko candles form and close then gives rise to our FAQ: which box size works best when trading the Renko charts?

As mentioned above, the only honest answer is “it depends” and what it depends upon is what kind of forex trader is using Renko charting.

Some traders are best suited to be long-term traders. They tend to focus on hourly or 4 hour charts and watch for new trends to develop, jumping in once said trend is spotted and hanging in as long as they can to bank a maximum number of pips.

These types of traders should use larger box settings, such as 25 or 30 pips. If price moves up 25 pips and forms a new box, it must move DOWN by 50 pips in order to open a new box in the opposite direction. If you are familiar with trading pairs like the EUR/USD or the GBP/USD, you realize that large price reversals such as these don’t take place all that often. Once a trend is established in one direction, that trend will normally continue for 100-200 pips. Using a large box setting like 25 or 30 will eliminate those counter signals you might get using a 1 hour or 4 hour chart (those signals that cause you to exit a trade early, before another big move in your direction).

Other traders are more attracted to scalping and the kind of quick profits you can make on a 5-20 pip move. By using a 3 or 4 pip box size setting, these traders are in prime position to see every mini-trend as it forms and are able to buy and sell numerous times in any given hour during the London and NY trading sessions, banking 5-20 pips in profit each time.

When I respond to the question “which box size should I use?” my response will always ask the trader to perform a little self-analysis and determine whether they are a long-term trader or a scalper. Once I know the answer to that question, I can give them a more specific answer than “it depends.”

Zero Loss Forex Trading – Here’s a Sure-Fire Way to Win Every Trade

Is it Possible To Trade Forex Without Taking Any Losses?

Theoretically, yes, it is possible. But we don’t trade in theories, right? Forex trading is a reality. So is the Zero Loss Forex trading system.

So how can the Zero Loss Forex trading system make the claim to have a secret method of trading that GUARANTEES that you will not lose any trades? Not a single one?

Let’s explore this some. Ok, really. Yes, it is possible to never lose any trades in forex trading. This is a fact. but what does it take to do that? Extreme patience. Nerves of steel. Massive discipline and deep pockets.

Here’s one way it can be done and this is not the way Zero Loss Forex trading system does it.

The nature of the forex markets is that it always goes up and down. It never goes in one direction forever. Well, that’s really true of any market. So theoretically, what you can do is wait for a historical bottom or top in prices and place a forex trade in the opposite direction of the market. This can take a long time to develop so you must have the patience of a saint! Of course, no one is ever sure that the market has reached a top or a bottom and will not go much further. In fact, many times it does extend further once a barrier has been breached.

But one thing is absolutely for sure. At some point, it will reverse and go back down or back up. And if you place a trade at or near the top or bottom of the current market and wait, you will be rewarded with a winning trade. No doubt. In forex trading, the problem lies in those factors mentioned before: patience, discipline, nerves of steel and a pocketbook to match.

Forex trading is a highly leveraged. So in order to maintain that trade while it is going against you and waiting for it to turn, you must be able to withstand the losses and the have enough funds to cover the margin. Or else you get knocked out of your trade before it turns. And it seems most of the time that as soon as you get knocked out, that’s when it turns! Talk about anguish!

But if you can do this, you can bank on eventually winning the trade and taking home the money.

Ok, so that is how you can always guarantee a winning trade. 100% of the time!

The question here is how can it be done on a more regular basis and not have to wait and wait and wait for the right circumstances to appear?

Zero Loss Forex Trading system has the answer!

You see, another historically true fact in the forex markets and also in most all commodities markets is something called seasonality. Seasonality simply is a way to say that markets behave in a very predictable way certain times of the year. Always.

This term applies mostly to commodities. Zero Loss Forex trading system takes this fact and applies it to the forex markets. Forex markets of course are not seasonal by nature. They don’t depend on the weather and time of year like crops and cattle do. Forex markets operate 24/7 almost 365 days a year.

But what the Zero Loss Forex trading system has found is a repetitive trade that occurs very frequently and when it appears, if you know what to do and when exactly to do it, you can take advantage of the setup and be sure to always have a winning trade. It’s like clockwork. You can bank on it!

Forex 12 Major Currency Pairs – What Are They & How Can You Profit From Them?

By sticking to the most popular pairs in Forex (called the MAJORS) you know you’ve got the most liquidity:




Euro / US Dollar (Fiber)


US Dollar / Japanese Yen (Gopher)


UK Sterling / US Dollar (Cable)


US Dollar / Swiss Franc (Swizzy)


US Dollar / Canadian Dollar (Loonie)


Australian Dollar / US Dollar (Aussie)


New Zealand Dollar / US Dollar (Kiwi)

Some currency pairs are more volatile than others. This makes them better to use in trades as they trend. The best currencies to trade are those of countries that are the major role players in the world economy (these are called “G7” countries). The G7 was formed in 1976, when Canada joined the Group of Six: France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

You’ll see that the spread on the “major pairs” from the G7s is much lower than on less popular pairs from weak countries with chronic economic and political instability. Example: The spread on the EUR/USD is between 1.5 and 3 pips because the major countries making up the Euro Currency and the United States are BOTH G7 countries.

Take South Africa for instance. I think Nelson Mandela is a pretty cool guy. His story is a classic “Think and Grow Rich” example of a definite major purpose and definite desire having transmuted his dream to reality. But I DON’T trust the WACKO government that has evolved from the hatred not only of whites against blacks (apartheid) but also of blacks against whites. Change happened WAY TOO FAST IN SOUTH AFRICA and because of that it is now an unstable 3rd world political economy. The law of an equal or greater benefit will come of the political economic tragedy that is South Africa but it will be in the future as I write this.

Because of this the spread on the USD/ZAR pair is about 60 pips – 20 times more expensive to trade than the EUR/USD – reflecting the high instability of this African political economy.

The safest place to learn Forex trading is in the EUR/USD pair where a full 1/3 of all Forex trades occur. Then, after you know what you’re doing, you can venture out into other pairs on the list below. For instance, there are some CROSS PAIRS that are also good for trading. So when we add the two strongest CROSSES and delete the two weakest MAJORS from your list of TRADABLES above here’s an alternative group to trade:




Euro / US Dollar (Fiber)


US Dollar / Japanese Yen (Gopher)


UK Sterling / US Dollar (Cable)


US Dollar / Swiss Franc (Swizzy)


US Dollar / Canadian Dollar (Loonie)


Euro/Yen Cross (Geppy)


Euro/Cable Cross (Chunnel)


There are many official currencies that are used all over the world, but there only a handful of currencies that are traded actively in the Forex market. In currency trading, only the most economically and politically stable countries have currencies that are traded enough to be liquid. For example, due to the size and strength of the United States economy, the American dollar is the world’s most actively traded currency.

Forex 10 Pips – A Very Simple Strategy For Gaining 10 Pips a Day Trading Forex

This article will explain how even a relatively new and inexperienced trader can easily gain 10 or more pips a day on average — by observing and taking advantage of a common market behavioral pattern during the daily New York Close, or from 2 p.m to 4 p.m. Eastern time (New York time).

Once a trader has observed the forex market for a length of time, he or she will recognize that the market does have certain habits and does frequently repeat daily patterns of activity. Learning these patterns and recognizing these habits does not require any special knowledge, training or education. All it takes is careful observation and looking for patterns as to how the market tends to behave during certain times of the trading day. As a new trader, if you spend enough time observing the market movements with respect to time of day, you will begin to see some regular predictable patterns.

One of the market’s predictable habits occurs in the New York afternoon, after 2 pm EST and into the final New York daily closing. Most notably, this pattern is most frequently observed in the EUR/USD. During this time of the trading day, trading flows are usually light and volatility is low. One pattern that has been very consistent over time, for whatever reason, is that there tends to be a pivot that becomes apparent sometime just after 2 pm EST. By “pivot,” I am referring to a “pullback” or “retracement” from the overall day’s predominant trend.

In other words, if the trend of the day for the EUR/USD has been rising, then between 2 pm and 3:30 pm EST, the market will typically see a pullback lower, usually around 20 to 30 pips. On the other hand, if the daily trend for the EUR/USD has been downward, then after 2 pm a retracement of 20-30 pips higher is often observed.

By checking the market or checking the charts in the New York afternoon around 2 pm Eastern time, a new and even an inexperienced trader may recognize this pattern and then safely execute a high probability trade. If a person is available to trade at this time of day on a consistent basis, they could expect to gain an average of 10 pips a day with a fair amount of ease.

In closing, I must state the obvious disclaimer – that trading forex is a risky endeavor with no guarantees. Trade with caution and never trade more than you can afford to lose. Spend time observing the market to recognize its patterns so you may make smart, high probability trades and minimize risks.

4 Benefits of Attending a Forex Training Seminar

You’re ready to take your day trading efforts to the next level, and you’re following the markets like a hawk. But what’s the next step? How can you truly elevate your returns and start making a real profit? You might consider a Forex trading seminar.

Trading seminars are like short courses that include lectures, live trading sessions, and Q&As with experienced Forex traders and teachers. For you, a trading seminar might be the perfect fit. For starters, there are online and in-person options; you can have the flexibility of attending from your own home. And seminars aren’t as time-intense as day-trading courses, which although great, might require a commitment of week or more of your time. Finally, seminars are perfect for connecting beginners with experts.

Still on the fence? These four benefits of attending a Forex trading seminar might change your mind:

Network with Fellow Day Traders

Day traders at all levels – from beginners to experts – attend Forex training seminars. Why? They want to learn and expand their knowledge. For you, that means you have an opportunity to connect with Forex traders who are more experienced than you. That’s extremely valuable in and of itself. Having someone you can connect with for advice or meet for coffee to discuss strategy can help you improve faster.

Yet, you’ll also have the opportunity to meet traders with differing strategies and ideologies. Sometimes, hearing another perspective or a different take on trading can make all the difference, helping you to expand and enhance your Forex returns.

Accelerate Your Forex Learning

Forex trading is not a get-rich-quick investment opportunity; there’s real risk involved when you invest in currency trading. That’s why it’s critical for beginners and intermediate traders to continually expand their knowledge. A Forex training seminar can be a fast way to jump start your learning, and in the process, help you minimize your risk.

Plus, some Forex seminars focus on hands-on learning. They may provide attendees an opportunity to live trade in a safe environment. If you’re a person who learns by doing, live trading seminars can be eye-opening experiences, providing you valuable real-world experience with an expert close-by.

Ask Questions and Get Advice from Experts

As a beginner, chances are you have questions about Forex trading. Yet, it’s not always easy to find those answers on blogs or in books. The ability to ask experts and fellow traders questions is one of the greatest benefits of attending a Forex seminar. You get answers faster, but also have the ability to ask follow-up questions to further your understanding.

Additionally, many Forex training seminars provide in-depth knowledge of the latest Forex strategy, trends, tips and advice. So for you, not only can you learn from experts about the most useful strategies; you can stop and ask questions about something a presenter says.

A Low-Cost, No-Risk Learning Opportunity

Typically, seminars are more cost-effective compared to Forex courses. In fact, many Forex seminars, especially those hosted online, are free. And free is always great! But even Forex seminars that cost money to attend are typically a better value compared to courses. So if don’t have the time or funds to take part in a course, a Forex seminar might be a better alternative.

Have you changed your mind? Do you want to attend a Forex training seminar? Learn to Trade hosts a variety of seminars and Forex courses. Attend our Learn Forex Seminar to connect with experts and day traders, ask questions and accelerate your learning.